Eastop-Application Programming Interface (API)

Eastop-Application Programming Interface (API)

Eastop API (Application Programming Interface) is an additional module of Eastop ERP, which integrates transaction, service and management in the form of Restful API to provide an overall solution. Even if you are already using an eShop on a third-party platform, if a third-party software company can provide software customization services, it can be seamlessly connected to our ERP system through the Eastop API. Eastop API provides a transparent and systematic all-round integration solution for centralized enterprise internal management and control. Through low cost and rapid deployment, it helps enterprises quickly establish enterprise management structures.


1. Third-party online shopping platform (eshop)

2. Third-party warehouse management system (WMS)

3. Third-party member management system (CRM)

4. Third-party vending machine system (Vending Machine)

In addition to the above solutions, Eastop API can also be modified according to customer requirements. If necessary, you can contact our customer service at any time or press the query function, and our company will arrange a system consultant to provide you with professional advice.


POS – Eastop Point of Sales

EOA – Trading / Whole Sale / Retail / Inventory / Accounting

EMA – Eastop Manufacturing System

EHR – Eastop Human Resources System

eCom – Eastop Web Store / e-Shop / Online Shop

Mobile – Eastop Mobile Apps

WMS – Eastop Warehouse Management System

CRM – Eastop Customer Relationship Management

ProJ – Eastop Project/Service Solution

JEW – Eastop Jewelry ERP System