Eastop Mobile ERP Apps

Eastop Mobile ERP System

1.Platform: i) MS Windows Platform (Windows XP to Windows 10) ii) Android Platform (Phone/Tablet/Handheld) iii) iOS Platform (iPhone/iPAD)
2.Database: Mobile ERP related database is saved on local machine, allowing offline operations.
3.Operation: During online, Mobile ERP operates directly on server; once disconnected, POS saves transaction records locally, and auto syncs them to server after internet is connected.
4.Simple installation: Local database will be created automatically based on server structure within a few minutes. Upon modification of the server side structure, local database can be synchronized through a single click.
5.Eastop Mobile ERP system is suitable for management, salesman, procurement, and services team to operate anytime and anywhere.
6.Backed by Eastop ERP System, Eastop Mobile ERP seamlessly integrates different departments, increases efficiency and ensures data consistency and accuracy.
For more information about Eastop ERP System, please refer to Eastop EOA System.

Trial version of Eastop Mobile ERP System Apps is now available

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Eastop Mobile POS:

Eastop Mobile POS System is suitable for sales on train, restaurant and promotion counter to issue the invoice in real time, integrated with Eastop ERP System, reflecting data directly to the Purchasing/Inventory and Accounting Departments.

For more information about Eastop POS System, please refer to Eastop POS System.

Eastop Mobile Store APPS:

Eastop Mobile Store APPS is a moving shop created to satisfy the demands of “always-on” consumers. One stop management for all Trading, Wholesale, Shops, Web Shop and Mobile Store. Products, Members, e-Coupon, News, Promotion are all managed in Eastop ERP System efficiently and consistently.

1.Pre-installed Eastop Mobile Store APPS and pre-load product data in the mobile to speed up the search and ordering.
2.Customer can place order thru Eastop Mobile Store APPS anytime and anywhere.
3.Promote with e-Coupon and your marketing strategy in Eastop Mobile Store APPS.
4.Eastop Mobile Store APPS provides the best-in-class search and targeted navigation.
5.Display/Show your Apps on the Apps Store to attract more customers.
6.Promote in the Mobile Store APPS.
7.Eastop Mobile Store APPS provides complete solution to improve the image of enterprises and brands.
8.Reduce the marketing expenses.
9.Attract and discover diverse online shopping consumers.
10.Directly send promotion information to the customers in Eastop Mobile Store APPS.
For more information about Eastop e-Shop,please refer to Eastop e-Shop.


POS – Eastop Point of Sales

EOA – Trading / Whole Sale / Retail / Inventory / Accounting

EMA – Eastop Manufacturing System

EHR – Eastop Human Resources System

eCom – Eastop Web Store / e-Shop / Online Shop

Mobile – Eastop Mobile Apps

WMS – Eastop Warehouse Management System

CRM – Eastop Customer Relationship Management

ProJ – Eastop Project/Service Solution

JEW – Eastop Jewelry ERP System