Eastop Property Lease Management System


The Eastop property management system is a comprehensive 360-degree platform for property management. It includes the lease management of property, tenant, and landlord information, as well as the management of buying/selling and rental agreements, deposit, meter record, and accounts receivable, which can be reflected directly in the financial ledger. When paired with the meticulously designed multi-company/T-code feature provided by Eastop, users can instantly access all related information and accounts receivable from each property, as well as independent profit and loss statements for each property. This helps property owners effectively monitor property returns.

Property Data Management:

– Property Type Setup: commercial, retail, commercial & industrial, industrial, private        residential, special buildings (with customizable options)

– Property Usage Setup: shops, office buildings, parking spaces, residential estates, tenement buildings, village houses (with customizable options)

– Property Status Setup: for lease, lease with parking space, owner-occupied

– Property Data Setup: property area, detailed address, floor plans and etc.,

Tenant Management

– Tenant Type Setup: groups, companies, individuals, agents, and etc.,

– Various analytical codes for tenants: industry and nationality, and etc.,

– Detailed contact information for tenants: contact person, telephone number, and etc.,

Tenancy Agreement Management

– Record and print details of buying and selling contracts

– Includes handling of deposits, booking payments, and etc.,

– Handling of rent-free periods

Automatic Rental Invoice Creation

- Automatically generate monthly/quarterly/yearly rental invoices based on the default rental items of each tenant.

- Includes rent, rates and government rent, management fees, electricity and water charges, etc.

- Use of the system's email function to automatically send rental invoices to tenants.


Service Work Order

– Record maintenance service requests from tenants.

– Use the Eastop Mobile ERP mobile service work order app for onsite photographic recording.

– Record service details and repair status.

Meter Record Management

- Use the Eastop Mobile ERP mobile app for meter record for easier subletting management.

- Record the meter readings for independent water and electricity meters for property subletting units.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

– Easily check tenants’ rent payment status.

– Use the ALERT system to automatically send payment status/receipt confirmation and other information to tenants via SMS or email.

– Manage accounts payable and allocate related expenses to each property, allowing for accurate calculation of each property’s profit and loss statement.

Financial and Accounting Management

- Profit and Loss Account for each property

- Multi-company management: providing independent financial statements for separate companies to facilitate the Hong Kong tax system. For more information, please refer to the industry sharing.



POS – 東昇零售系統 

EOA – 東昇進銷存會計管理系統

EMA – 東昇生產自動化系統

EHR – 東昇人力資源系統

eCom – 東昇網上商店系統

Mobile – 東昇流動應用(Mobile APPS)

WMS – 東昇倉庫管理系統

CRM – 東昇客戶關係管理系統

eProJ – 東昇工程/服務解決方案

eJew – 東昇珠寶行業ERP系統