Eastop Jewelry Management System


As each jewelry product has its specific weight and price, a customized ERP system is essential to jewelry warehouse management and cost control. Eastop Jewelry Management system records the cost, inventory quantity, and other related data of every jewelry product in detail. We offer 3 sets of solution:

Solution 1) Jewelry Retail POS
Solution 2) K-Gold Wholesale
Solution 3) Jewelry Manufacturing / Wholesale / Trading

Solution: Jewelry Retail System

1.Product Management: Generate unique product code to record all particulars of each jewelry, including detail specification, cost, price, base price, certificate, purchase, sales and inventory;
2.Sales Management: Support all styles of sales processes including gold jewelry selling, exchanging, buying, customized order and gold club;
3.Gold Price Management: Auto calculate selling price including latest gold price and other figures;
4.Operation Management: Support various jewelry business operation: manage / modify products’ particulars, purchase / repurchase gold or jewelry, batch update on gold price, sales / exchange / return products, jewelry consignment, Wong Tai Sin Saving Club, card printing and daily settlement etc.;
5.Multi-store Management: Arrange product distribution and delivery depends on the demand of each retail shop, multi-store’s inventory inquiry, support placing orders and pickup from different location;
6.Membership Management: Support bonus point and member promotion.

Solution: K-Gold Wholesale

The purchase cost, selling price, inventory cost and inventory market value fluctuate daily with the gold price in K Gold business industry. Since the quantity and weight are both important to the inventory for each K-Gold product, an accurate and precise ERP system is crucial to effective K-Gold business management.


1.Product Management: Double unit (PCs and Gram) in parallel;
2.Purchase Management: Labor cost required when you issue a purchase order and the actual cost will be allocated when the goods were received with the actual Gold cost;
3.Sales Management: Auto load the weight from the scale to the system and quantity will be auto calculated too during issue the invoice;
4.Warehouse Management: Quantity (PCs) and the weight (Gram) were record every time, everywhere in the Eastop ERP K gold system;
5.Instant Enquiry Function: Instant enquiry of stock available / on hand stock of salesman / consignment stock. The instant enquiry is important for the situation of huge style/frequency updated style and limit available of the sample and stock.

Solution: Jewelry Manufacturing / Wholesale / Trading

Eastop Jewelry Management System’s stone table covers all attributes of the stones (key stone / loose stone / finished product) used in jewelry setting, including source, cost and grading etc. Our solution also offers support to different industry-specific workflows: subcontracting process, jewelry retailing system, customer relationship management system, bonus points and promotion.

1.Product Management: Key Stone / Loose Stone / Finished Product
Key Stone: Basic Unit is PC, record CTS, size, color and certificate, auto generate lot no. for each pieces of stone for inventory enquiry;
Loose Stone: Basic Unit is CTS, record average CTS and PCs for easy tracking and enquiry;
Finished Product: Record product details for better management, including cost, process and stone table. Accurately trace and check processing, inventory, procurement, sales, and maintain pattern card by lot control;
2.Warehouse Management: Support multi lot no. or single lot no. to record a package of similar stones;
3.Material Management: Include BOM (Bill of Material) for production & subcontracting (commission) process;
4.Subcontracting (Commission) Process Management: Cover all particulars for production or commission process, including stone table, design, sample version, processing cost etc.;
5.Worksheet Management: Auto generate a worksheet by production or subcontracting (commission), material used can be amended;
6.Cost Control Management: Permanently record and auto calculate & update product cost by processing charges and materials’ cost;
7.Repair Management: Report on repair status in real-time which facilitate staff and client enquiry.


POS – Eastop Point of Sales

EOA – Trading / Whole Sale / Retail / Inventory / Accounting

EMA – Eastop Manufacturing System

EHR – Eastop Human Resources System

eCom – Eastop Web Store / e-Shop / Online Shop

Mobile – Eastop Mobile Apps

WMS – Eastop Warehouse Management System

CRM – Eastop Customer Relationship Management

ProJ – Eastop Project/Service Solution

JEW – Eastop Jewelry ERP System