Eastop Office Automation System (EOA)


Eastop Office Automation System (EOA) is a fully integrated Sales, Purchase,, Inventory and Accounting application, and also the main components of Eastop ERP System. Eastop Office Automation System (EOA) is a famous Hong Kong local ERP System and highly recommended by our customers since 1993. Eastop ERP System is innovative, mature, stable and flexible, creating tailored results for many industries from Hong Kong small business to international corporates. EOA system serves companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including trading, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of electronic components, electronic products, electrical appliances, chemicals, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, toys, watches, jewelry, equipment, plastics, printing, lighting, textiles, metalware, apparel, and construction etc., accommodates the unique requirements of each industry without sacrificing ease-of-use. Keep searching a Hong Kong ERP System to fulfill your growing business? Then, Eastop ERP System will be the best solution for you. Eastop Web-based / Cloud ERP and Eastop Mobile ERP, the 2nd generation of Eastop’s products, are newly launched. A high standard in system security and high accessibility across multi-platforms are achieved through the deployment of a set of specific technologies, RESTful and JSON. Applying these server layering and data transferring technologies, Eastop ERP System is not only able to operate in both online and offline condition, but also allows its users to access the database from any device, including MS Windows or Mac OS’s desktop computers, Android’s mobile, Apple’s mobile or tablet etc.

Latest Products – Support Client Platform OS

(1) Eastop ERP 3-Tier – Windows(2) Eastop Web ERP – Any OS Access through Web Browser

(3) Eastop SaaS ERP – Any OS Access through Web Browser

(4) Eastop REST ERP – Windows (Support Offline Mode)

(5) Eastop Mobile ERP – iPhone/iPad/Android Tablet/Android Mobile and Windows (Support Offline Mode)

Eastop Web ERP (Web-based / Cloud)

Users can access Eastop Web-based / Cloud ERP System through internet browsers, without any installation work on their computers.


1. Users can log in anytime and anywhere

Users can get access Eastop Web-based ERP System anytime and anywhere through internet, not only in Hong Kong office. No specific device or work location is appointed. Work force could be utilized.

2. No installation is needed at user-end

To run On-Premises ERP, usually software is required to be installed locally in user’s device. Extra cost of computer hardware and implementation time may be needed. With Web-based ERP, users can easily log-in to the system through internet browser, no installation on their computers is needed.

3. Multi-Platform

Eastop Web-based ERP supports various internet browsers, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge etc. It unifies all users from different devices and operation systems, no matter you are using MS Windows or Mac OS. Eastop Web-based ERP System attributes to seamless business operation.

Eastop SaaS ERP (Eastop Lite - SaaS ERP)

1.Database: Unify all data of physical chain stores, web store, and mobile App shop on one backend, Eastop ERP;
2.Operation: Manage product, pricing, promotion, and membership on ERP to ensure all business information is accurate and consistent;
3.Customers: Integrate your client database from physical stores, web store and mobile app shop, including members’ information and points;
4.Services: Improve service quality by providing instantly enquiry about sales and member points records, delivery status, product maintenance and repair status;
5.Logistics: Support centralized warehouse management: goods reservation / replenishment / delivery;
6.Procurement: Unify data for effective purchase arrangement;
7.Cash flow: Reflect receipts and payment terms of physical stores, online stores or mobile phone stores and bank charges of credit cards to the general ledger in real-time;
8.Promotion: Record every retail promotion activity of each retail receipt to facilitate management and calculation of promotion effectiveness.

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Major Modules and Functions

EASTOP EOA system is developed under a modular design and can be divided in seven modules, namely

Eastop Office Automation(EOA): Sales Order System

These major sales modules of Eastop ERP automate the flow of Quotation, Sales contract/order, Invoice, Delivery note and Packing list. It handles all documentation relate to sales activities, gives you full picture of sales activities by on-line analysis reports and helps you to make best decision in time. At the same time, inventory and account receivable will be updated accordingly.

1. Many to Many structure:
(1) Multi-Quotation => Multi-Sales Contract/Order
(2) Multi-Sales Contract/Order => Invoice
(3) Invoice => Multi-Delivery Notes
2. Multi-flow options:
(1) Sales Contract => Invoice => Delivery Note
(2) Sales Contract => Delivery Note => Invoice
(3) Invoice => Delivery Note
(4) Invoice (w/deduct stock)
3.Cost Control:
 (1) Support Average Costing, FIFO Costing & Actual Costing;
 (2) Purchase cost, delivery charge, miscellaneous charges and production cost etc. can be allocated in sales contract/invoice;
 (3) Auto retrieval of material cost/Volume/Gross weight/recent quotation price and other factors to auto calculate the unit price and gross profit;
 (4) Showed the cost/price markup in Quotation/Sales Order/Invoice to users who got user right. Cost can be set as average cost/last buy cost/ or user defined unit cost (reference cost);
 (1)?Provide flexibility for user to change the selling price while prevent normal users from altering the price to lower than the bottom price.
 (2) On-line enquiry on the historic sales transaction: quotation/sale order/invoice, based on same product- same client or same product- other client;
 (3) Optional module: Cost Sheet
 (4) Unlimited additional charges can be handled on the one Quotation/Sales Contract/Invoice/PO/GRN, including VAT.
4. Stock Control:
(1) Instantly enquiry on stock status module: stock quantity/ quantity on hold/ quantity reserved/ available quantity/ quantity on order;
(2) On-line enquiry of the estimated available quantity by shipment date for each product
(3) It can be prevented if the available quantity lower than sales order/invoice quantity.
(4) Real time enquiry on shipment schedule based on Sale Order/invoice/purchase/production order etc.
(5) Support Commission Process/ Indent Order /Consignment;
(6) Able to handle Registration of sign-back invoice/ Sample order/ BOM;
(7) Auto assign available Lot number and Serial number during create invoice/DN.

Eastop Office Automation (EOA): Purchase Order/Procurement Process

These major procurement modules of Eastop ERP automate the flow of Purchase. This module includes Purchase Order(PO) Preparation, Purchase Order (PO) Draft, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase Invoice(PI) etc. Purchase Order can be auto issued based on Sales Order/Invoice/Inventory Information, gives you full picture of purchasing activities by on line analysis reports and helps you to make best decision in time. Upon receipt of goods, inventory and accounts payable are auto-reflected accordingly.

1. Many to Many structure:
(1) Purchase Order Preparation => Multi- Purchase Order
(2) Multi- Purchase Order => Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
2. Multi-flow options:
(1) PO Preparation => PO => GRN
(2) Drafted Purchase Order => PO => GRN
(3) PO => GRN
(4) GRN => PI
3. Purchase Order (PO)
(1) Calculate the purchase quantity and ETA base on the sales contract’s information, BOM, minimum stock quantity (MSQ), minimum packing quantity (MPQ), minimum order quantity (MOQ), lead time, ETD, default supplier’s information.
(2) Auto list outstanding purchase list for each buyer/ buyer group
(3) Supplier cost table and supplier product code management
(4) Commission Process
(5) The purchase order can reveal the history transaction and the price of all/individual supplier, this will save time and enhance working efficiency;
4. Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
(1) Allocate the related product cost (e.g. transportation fee, import tax, etc.) to each product.
(2) Online enquiry of goods receipt history, purchase records, settlement status, etc.
(3) Distribute related Debit Note (i.e. forwarder shipping charge) cost to items cost;
(4) Auto generate Lot Number/Serial Number.
(5) Generation and Print 2D Barcode.
5. Purchase Invoice (PI)
(1) Purchase Invoice is optional if the flow needs to separate by GRN and Account Payable.
(2) Account Payable will only be reflected after PI is issued.

Eastop Office Automation (EOA): Inventory Control System

This module handles inventory adjustment activities, stock take, month-end process, etc.. All the inventory activities will be recorded and user can print such record when needed. Operate with Android Devices will make the operation smoother and faster.

1. Eastop WMS supports 30,000+ warehouses, unlimited bin number, expiry date, lot number, serial number and date code to fulfill varies requirement of different industry.
2. Eastop WMS can be operated on wireless handheld terminals, such as Android Mobile Devices.
3. 15 inventory adjustment modes: In, Out, Bad Stock Register, Bad Stock Recover, Bad Stock Write-off, Write-off, Reuse, Lost, Temporary Use, Temporary Use Return, Internal Transfer, Maintenance(Repair In/out, Repair In Return/Repair Out Return)etc.
4. Stock replenishment
5. Stock take
6. Month End Process
7. Generate and Print 2D Barcode.
8. After month-end processing or stocktaking, users with appropriate authorities can modify past records for adjustments.
9. All the stock cost information can be posted to General Ledger.
10. Three levels of stock tracking report:
(1) Current Inventory Quantity and Cost List,
(2) Monthly Inventory Cost Report,
(3) Stock movement report (as at date).
11. Stock Summary Report/ Stock Ledger.

Eastop Office Automation (EOA): Accounts Receivable/Payable System

Most of the accounts receivable and payable transactions are automatically created from Invoice and Goods Receiving Note/Purchase Invoice. This can avoid data loss or non-consistency when data transfer from sales and purchase departments to account departments. This also reduces account staff’s duplicated daily workload.
1.Deposit Maintenance (Pre-payment/advance payment)
2.Multiple post tables can be pre-defined
3.Manage default discount, exchange gain/loss, setoff and other charges upon settlement
4.Support Group Companies settlement
5.Online enquiry details of invoice and suppliers’ invoice on the settlement screen
6.Aging/ Statement / Outstanding report (As at selected date)

Eastop Office Automation (EOA): General Ledger System

This module integrated all vouchers posted from A/R, A/P, Inventory and Journal Voucher Entry. This guarantees that accounts are always balance and avoid transaction loss. Each transaction is traceable in a simple way. It is important that multiple transaction level analysis codes and chart of account level analysis codes available to create lots of analysis reports.
1.Support user definable unlimited level chart of account
2.Support Single A/C Multi-Currency
3.Support currency revaluation with optional revaluation exchange rate table
4.9 A-Code: Chart of account level analysis codes
5.9 T-Code: Transaction level analysis codes for multi-dimensional financial report analysis, such as by department, branch, company, project, invoice, product, product line, etc.
6.Support bank reconciliation, bank loan and L/C management
7.Multi – company consolidation accounting
8.Budgeting and forecasting module
9.Support Average, FIFO or Actual cost based stock accounting
10.Perpetual Inventory System or Periodic inventory system
11.Activate profit center of product/product line (independent sales, cost, purchase and inventory account for each product/ product line)
12.Bank Reconciliation
13.Fixed Assets Management
14.Auto Year – End Process

Eastop Office Automation(EOA): Basic Data Maintenance

Customer and supplier

Product Master/Price Table/Cost Table/Bill of Material (BOM)/Engineer Changed Note (ECN)…

Multi-Currency Maintenance/Pay term/Ship term/Other Charge Code/Bank Surcharge…

Advanced Features

1. Interactive Interface Design
2. Ultra THIN Client Technology
3. All Direction Field Level Security
4. Exceptional Information Management
5. Related Information Anytime
6. Guaranteed Minimum Input
7. Import & Export Manager
8. Eastop X EDI Data Exchange
9. Function-On-Demand Tools
10. Dual Report Engine
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Eastop ERP system has accumulated experience from over 30 industries for more than 20 years, new customer can enjoy that without re-development.


POS – Eastop Point of Sales

EOA – Trading / Whole Sale / Retail / Inventory / Accounting

EMA – Eastop Manufacturing System

EHR – Eastop Human Resources System

eCom – Eastop Web Store / e-Shop / Online Shop

Mobile – Eastop Mobile Apps

WMS – Eastop Warehouse Management System

CRM – Eastop Customer Relationship Management

ProJ – Eastop Project/Service Solution

JEW – Eastop Jewelry ERP System