Electrical Appliance

Wholesales and Retail System


Eastop Electrical Appliances Wholesale and Retail System – There are many different brands of electrical appliance stores in Hong Kong. Their main business is to act as agents for various well-known brands of home appliances and they are responsible for sales, installation and maintenance. The electrical appliance market is constantly changing but with our years of experience in retailing, we are able to quickly understand customer needs and respond accordingly. Therefore, Eastop ERP system has received great recognition and support from our customers.

Electrical Appliance Wholesale and Retail


Quotation/Contract Management: Simultaneously handles invoice, deposit, multiple payment methods and supports processes such as self-pickup, warehouse delivery, installation, cross-store pickup and delivery with payment collection. This enables customers to successfully process orders, payments, deliveries and installations quickly and efficiently.


Cost Management: The system includes a field for “post-additional costs” generated during delivery and installation. When the cost is filled in, the base price is updated and eliminated the need for customers to spend time calculating commissions, thereby saving time.


Deposit Management: Support unlimited deposit management for a single contract.


Integrated Workflow Management:

4.1 POS retail interface with an added “Purchase Order” button which allows logistical staff to immediately initiate the procurement process for electrical appliances if stock is insufficient. This improves efficiency in purchasing.

4.2 POS factory delivery with payment collection (direct delivery and payment by suppliers) function. When in supplier delivery mode, the system automatically converts the warehouse to factory warehouse (supplier’s warehouse). The “Purchase Order” button added by Eastop in the POS retail interface allows for real-time procurement during the delivery process. The customer’s delivery address can be included in the purchase order and sent to the supplier to start manufacturing automatically.


Universal Enquiry Function: Logistic staff can use the “Universal Enquiry” function to select unapproved retail orders based on specific criteria. This function displays product information, quantities and real-time stock levels which ensuring that Logistic staff have sufficient stock for delivery and can seamlessly proceed with order approval to enhance shipping efficiency.


Automatic Batch Generation of Delivery Orders: Staff can simply select the delivery date in the delivery order and click the “auto-generate delivery orders” button to generate all delivery orders for the date in a single step. This eliminates the need for manual creation of individual delivery orders, significantly reducing workload and improving delivery speed.

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POS – 東昇零售系統 

EOA – 東昇進銷存會計管理系統

EMA – 東昇生產自動化系統

EHR – 東昇人力資源系統

eCom – 東昇網上商店系統

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WMS – 東昇倉庫管理系統

CRM – 東昇客戶關係管理系統

eProJ – 東昇工程/服務解決方案

eJew – 東昇珠寶行業ERP系統